FC Barcelona: Required signatures collected to carry out the motion of no confidence

The platform formed by a group of club members, Mes Que una mocio confirms that they collected the required signatures to carry out the no motion against the club president Josep Maria Bartomeu. Even though the board has not made any indication regarding resigning from their positions.

Signatures overflowed the minimum numbers of 16520, as the club is now in a position to kick out the president and other board members. But Bartomeu is still adamant in his decision to continue with the club.

There is a board meeting scheduled for next week on Tuesday and Wednesday to deal with the situation. It will be about to discuss whether the board comprising Bartomeu is going to resign themselves instead of provoking the club to move with the motion of no confidence. If it leads the club to kick them out, which would be painful for both parties.

Why Barcelona need to get rid of Bartomeu

The relationship between the club president and Barcelona team members had not been good for some years since Neymar quite the Catalans. From then on Messi was not happy with the squad. A number of high budget signings have not worked well for the Culers. Coutinho who is meant to be the potential Neymar replace became a flop in the first season.

Antoine Griezman has also failed to keep his form that he performed under Diego Simeone at Atletico Madrid. Iniesta moving to the Japanese league and his future midfield position was given to Arthur who could join with Frenkie De Jong to reinvent the golden period of Xavi and Iniesta. The Brazilian preferred Juventus over the Blaugranas when they offered him more pay.

Finally, the Messi Barcelona crisis made the club management to think about an election which blocks Bartomeu to reappear for the election.

Barca after Bartomeu

There are two contenders for the presidential election which take place next year, Joan Laporta and Victor Font are the leading names heard to replace Bartomeu.

Barcelona have scheduled a press conference for Vice President Jordi Cardoner today morning at 11.00 AM. If the board refuses to accept the resignation request, the club will use the motion referendum which would take at least 20 days.