Lampard speaks about the challenges of modern football

Lampard gives his thoughts and actions that it compels him to go on as a coach of Chelsea. It’s an immense challenge to the football world to cope up with changing scenarios inside the game. When you have several players with high-class performance, plenty to provide for the club, only 11 of them can be able to take part in the match. Remaining else should have to remain on the bench or they may not play with the team for weeks or months.

Lampard explains the requiring of being sincere as a coach to manage a team. Modern football is exploding with a higher percentage of graduates coming out of cannot see a club without an academy. Lampard, the coach of premier league team Chelsea in times acted more like an open mind. You need to address a person, that asks him to go out of the club to bring changes, to sign new players, we should make the player aware of the things going to take effect. So it will not create disturbance to the player.

Certain talks would be there,  a necessary one which is hard to admit, as a professional Lampard thinks they comply with the decisions, particularly modern players. Managers make healthy choices when years went by, which personally they don’t want to carry out. Like giving youngsters more preference over the experienced veterans to speed up the game, increase physicality, to bring new innovations from coming generations.

Blues manager doesn’t follow the old school method of approaching players to clarify their place in the team when years go. The 42-year-old tries to be as honest as he can in this matter when someone has not included in the game-plan of him.

To kick a player out of the squad, familiar to us is difficult, players having a close relationship. When the time comes, we need to say what we should say. Sometimes it ends in good shape or worse.

Develop personal relationships with every player is important, then only you can talk to your boys regarding exits and maybe less playing time. Players don’t like it sometimes and result in worsening the existing relation, we accept that to a point.

Lampard thinks he tries to have an open dialogue with the players as much as he can, and it’s part of this managerial role.

Take the Chelsea squad into analyzing the condition, to understand the point of what Lampard says. Maybe it will be the best club in terms of future prospects that it contains, mostly teenage players and players below 25. Overflow of talents made Lampard ask players to leave, and some of them shined better for that club than for Chelsea.

With Jack Grealish, he is now playing for Aston Villa on loan from Chelsea. A player with a lot to give, but the fewer choices we have let him go. Look at him, the way he plays for Villa is magnificent. If you don’t know why? Then you need to watch Liverpool versus Aston Villa match, the league champions got thwarted by the Villa for 8-2. The stats of Grealish was amazing to read, 5 goal contributions to the team against an opponent under klopp’s training.

For people who see what’s happening in Chelsea will find it slightly uncomfortable or unhappy. The way media throws the news and questions, they ask about a particular player and you need to understand how the players take the answers the coaches are saying. It is one of the difficult part parts and sometimes an interesting part if you are dropping players who really want to play.

The new six additions of the squad are very important to the Chelsea squad. The club spends a vast amount on these players, and it’s important to play them because we bring them to Stamford Bridge with certain goals for the future ahead.