Man Utd and Liverpool suffer record-equalling defeat.

It was an incredible afternoon for both clubs who defeated two top-flight teams. For Liverpool and united this will be a day to forget from their memories. Two big failures, very rare for teams of the highest standards.

Man Utd

The match was dominating for Tottenham and dramatic for united.It was a very good start for United at Old Trafford with a 2nd-minute goal which Bruno Fernandes converted from the spot-kick.An early blow in the eyes of United fans.

The joy of that goal only lasted until Tottenham started fire continuous goals to the United post protected by De Gea. Its Ndombele who drew the score in the 4th minute, the beginning of the total dominance of Spurs. Then the brace from Kane and Son took the Spurs to a record victory.

Anthony Martial charged with a red card after he used his hand to hit Erik Lamela on the face. So the united played with a 10 man team that struggled to stop attacking spurs.

Manchester United suffered their joint highest premier league defeat in history after they received similar results from manchester city in 2011, both defeats came at home.

Spurs are the first visiting sides to score 4 first-half goals against united at an away match since they themselves did it so in 1957 when they defeated the Red Devils 4-3.

Man Utd’s heaviest PL defeats

Oct 2020TOT (H)6-1
Oct 2011MCI (H)6-1
Oct 1999CHE (A)5-0
Oct 1996NEW (A)5-0


Liverpool’s defeat to Aston Villa was one of their biggest defeats in premier league history. This is the third time the Anfield team got fallen by 5 goals after they lost 6-1 against stoke city in 2015 and to manchester city 5-0 in 2017.

In fact, it was the second time Liverpool had conceded 7 goals in a single game across all competitions since 1963 April.

Another interesting fact is that they are the first reigning English top-flight team to concede 7 goals ina premier league game after arsenal netted 7 goals against the then-premier league champions Sunderland in 1953.

Liverpool’s heaviest PL defeats

Oct 2020AVL (A)7-2
Sep 2017MCI (A)5-0
May 2015STK (A)6-1

Aston Villa acts like Villians in front of the empty seats.they raised from a position where they were on the verge of relegation to second-tier last season.

This season they bought some quality products and Sunday night proved their boy’s worth for the cash they spend.

Ollie Watkins and Chelsea player Ross Barkley who is in Villa on loan can bring changes to the club this season.